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Still Kickin’ - Divine Wine from South America edit


The confession: The popping noise gives me goose bumps. I have always loved wine, but now The Enthusiast woke up and life would never be the same. Being passionate about the world of wine makes my mission in life to search and purchase wine to enjoy with family and friends. If this requires traveling the world, then so be it.

Nothing gets my juices going like a wine tour in the most exotic of places, wearing, of course a t-shirt that proclaims me as the "Wine Diva." Nevertheless I am not afraid any more to spit and criticize or swirl and admire as a wine demands.

Now, I am finally back home from the Wine Tour.

Dsc03346_1 I missed you very much, but have to admit the Wine Tour was an unique and espectacular opportunity to explore my beloved Argentina and Uruguay in a new way. Loved to argue over a chardonnay and found the romance of corks irresistible.

Andres Rosberg, a fine gentleman that happens to be the President of the Argentinian Association of Sommeliers, traveled with our small group trough the top vineyards of his country and Uruguay. Winery after winery, I lost track of how many wines we tasted, but I sure remember the places we visited:

First, Cafayate in the Salta province. There we stayed at the Cafayate Wine Resort.  We visited Bodega El Esteco, and later we went to Bodega Laborum and vineyard. We had lunch at the home of the Laborum owner, Marcelo Romero, who is the brother of the governor of the province.

Dsc03183 October 8 was the perfect day to visit the Domingo Hermanos Winery. It was sunny with a refreshing breeze that accompany us through our journey. Thirty minutes away was the San Pedro de Yacochuya winery waiting for us. The delicious lunch was as good as their wine.

Then, Mendoza. What an unique place. We stayed at the Park Hyatt Hotel, and to tell you the truth I could NOT resist the temptation to nurture my wine-loving body with one of their beauty treatments with wine. Oh my! It was quite sticky, but I loved every second of it. Ahhh...

Tomorrow I will write about the places we visited in Mendoza, including a great video featuring "the making of empanadas in a rustic oven made of mud." Stay Tuned!

Dsc03185 Now, I leave you with a link to Asado Argentina, a very nice blog on Argentinian Asado. They have an array of recipes and tips to cook the perfect asado and side dishes to accompany such a delicacy.

AND, if you are in the mood for some Argentinian Empanadas and Chimichurri Sauce, check out this scrumptious recipe. You WON'T regret it.

Have a tasty afternoon!


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  • by Chef Melissa
  • October 20, 2006
  • 12:09 pm

A tasty video from Argentina: Making Empanadas edit

We've got a treat for you today! The first video was taken at the San Pedro de Yacochuya Winery in Cafayate, Salta, Argentina. I have written a little about this fantastic winery and you are invited to learn about it HERE. Our hostess, Ma. Cecilia de Etchart, is an extra charming wonder woman. Not only does she takes care of the PR of this winery, traditionally known for the excellence of its wines. She also is the mother of two beautiful babies.

The empanadas prepared in this mud oven were part of the delicious lunch we enjoyed at the Etchart family house. They were not only yummy, but beautiful and so fragrant.  I Do not even recall how many I had! LOL!

The second bonus video was taken when we were in our way to visit the Iguazu Falls (Cataratas del Iguazu), in Argentina. The video is an aerial view from our plane. If this doesn't seduce you to go to this beautiful country, I do not know what would do it. Well, anyhow...I'll keep trying.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Chef M

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  • by Chef Melissa
  • November 25, 2006
  • 11:25 am

Wine Tasting from the Tropics: 2005 Robert Mondavi Private Selection Pinot Noir, 2001 Reserve de la edit

Julio202007_1 A continuación les compartimos las impresiones de la última cata de vinos realizada por nuestro grupo de wine lovers en Panamá. Como referencia, mi post anterior: Mystical Travels through the World of Food, Wine, and a delicious recipe to prepare Roasted Chicken!

Lo se, lo se, me dicen que soy alérgica a los sulfitos...pero, ni modo, that's life in the tropics! Sulfitos o no sulfitos...aquí vamos!

3wines_4 Carlos Mata reporta:

Nos dimos cita en mi apartamento Chef Melissa De León, Antonio Touriño, Mónica Arauz, Emilio y Julieta Arrocha, Concepción Amaya y Carlos Mata.  Antonio y Mónica fueron generosos en traer a la mesa dos botellas: un 2005 Robert Mondavi Private Selection Pinot Noir, y un 2001 Darien Crianza (Rioja).

El Darien es un cupaje interesante de tempranillo, garnacha, mazuelo y graciano; sin embargo, creo que por antojo mío, decidimos probar solamente el Robert Mondavi Pinot Noir, la cual fue la primera cata de la noche.  Creo que mis expectativas sobre este vino eran un poco altas, toda vez que en la cata demostró ser un vino muy joven, y eso nos decepcionó un tanto.  Sin embargo, el vino exibió muy buena textura y largas lágrimas en copa, a la vista. En nariz, el aroma alcohólico fue notado por todos, pero Mónica también anotó aromas a jalea de frambuesa y comino.  Apuntamos buena acidez en boca con sabores a ciruela verde.  Yo diría que los sabores a "berries" típicos del perfil de tal cepa estaban ahí, aunque dormidos y opacados por el "calor" del joven vino, y un final fuerte y prolongado infusionado por roble.

3wines_3_2 Acto seguido hizo su entrada un ilustre 2001 Reserve de la Comtesse, traido a nosotros generosamente por Emilio y Julieta.  Reserve de la Comtesse es un fino Bordeaux de la región de Pauillac, y en nuestra mesa reposó en decanter ancho por aproximadamente dos horas.  A la vista, la Comtesse mostró un color rojo-sangre muy brillante y vivo. De bouquet muy expresivo, anotamos aromas de abundantes frutas y mermeladas, entre ellas cerezas silvestres.  En paladar, notamos trazas de chocolate en la entrada, seguido de cerezas negras y grosella, integrado con matices de toronja y pimentón verde anotados por Mónica, más un tono discreto a pimienta negra en el cierre.  Este vino demuestra su calidad en su excelente integración entre fruta y taninos, sumada a su discreta acidez y un final apreciable y placentero.

wine tasting pairing cata vinos -----
  • by Chef Melissa
  • August 06, 2007
  • 7:58 pm

Enofilos Panama: November 2007 Wine Tasting in Cerro Azul & Video (ES) edit

Vino1 Somos un grupo de entusiastas que hemos emprendido un viaje juntos para descubrir las bondades y secretos del místico elixhir de uvas. Los mismos que, con los brazos abiertos, invitamos a los interesados en este tema a que se unan a alguno de nuestros eventos que son realizados durante la tercera semana de cada mes. Para mayor información subscribirse al grupo Enofilos, o dejar un mensaje en este post!

Ahora, con mucho cariño compartimos con Uds. los resultados e impresiones de la cata de vinos realizada el pasado 18 de Noviembre en la residencia de Cooking Diva en Cerro Azul, Ciudad de Panamá.

Que tengan una deliciosa semana...


Buen Provecho Enófilos! He aquí nuestra Cata del Mes de Noviembre.

  • Comenzamos con un Viognier 2005 Escorihuela Gascón de Mendoza, Argentina.  Es un vino ligero de una uva del Rodano, que ha sido escogido para comenzar nuestra cata por ser nuestro único blanco seco para preparar el paladar al gran Moscatel. Un vino que es menos seco que un Sauvignon Blanc y menos dulce que un Cabernet.  Muchos novatos nos acompañaron, por lo empezamos a explicar como apreciar un vino, tomando de ejemplo el Viognier.
  • by Chef Melissa
  • December 01, 2007
  • 9:58 am

Patagonia comes to Panama! edit

The images that usually spring to mind when someone says “Latin America” have to do with gorgeous beaches and rain forests, hot cities and spicy food, exotic fruits and sometimes the well kept secret quality rum. So if I started talking to you about wine and Panama,  you might think I’d had too much of the aforementioned rum. Not so…

On March 30, 2009, Wines of Argentina took over Panama City. Marina Beltrame, the director of the Argentinean School of Sommeliers, gave one of the most enlightening talks about wine pairing I have ever attended.

Marina is as famous as you can imagine, including starring her own show about wine at “El Gourmet” (http://www.elgourmet.com), but she is as down to earth and loving as you could dream. It was a delight to learn about service from her years of experience, it was enchanting and at the same time surprising how could we learn new things every day. She talked about “El Arte del Maridaje y el Servicio del Vino.” You might think that because I am a professional chef, this talk was not for me…wrong! In fact, I think that the chefs, restaurateurs, wine aficionados and other attendants, enjoyed this day the most.

Hugo Sabogal was there too! He is the master mind behind http://HugoSabogal.com Wine Media and Marketing and El Espectador , he manages in Latin America and the Caribbean, the marketing of “Wines of Argentina ,” which involves most of the wineries from Argentina.

  • by Chef Melissa
  • May 04, 2009
  • 3:00 pm

Felices Fiestas 2012: Chef Roberto Richa y su Cordero al Malbec con Romero y Limón edit

Con mucho cariño el Chef Roberto Richa, panameño, Chef Ejecutivo de la Embajada de Brasil en Buenos Aires-Argentina, nos comparte esta deliciosa receta  que forma parte de su repertorio de fin de año! Esperamos les guste...Felices Fiestas y bienvenido el 2013, con toda la sazón y alegría que nos abraza!

Cordero 7 1/2 horas al Malbec con Romero y Limón



  • 1 pierna de cordero deshuesada de 5 a 6 lb ,sal gruesa y pimienta recien molida
  • 1/3 taza de romero picado, 2 hojas de laurel, 2 tazas de perejil picado
  • ralladura de 2 limones amarillos
  • 8 dientes de ajo picado + 1 cabeza cortada al medio
  • 2 zanahorias, 2 cebollas, 2 tallos de apio y 2 puerros cortados cada uno en 4 partes
  • 1 hinojo sin tallo cortado en 4 partes
  • aceite de oliva
  • 3 botellas de vino malbec ( 2 para cocinar y una para tomar mientras se cocina).
  • by Chef Melissa
  • December 19, 2012
  • 10:41 am



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