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From the Tropics: The mysterious romance between Latin Americans and Saril = Jamaica edit

Page_2This year has been an amazing journey and I have already been given so many gifts and am so very, very thankful. The New Year looks busy, as well with trips planned…I will keep you posted on my schedule, promise!

Many, many thanks to everyone for their support. I wish everyone a safe, healthy, and Happy Holiday Season.
Now it is time to share with you a traditional, well loved drink from Latin America…The secret will be yours!

By now you know I am a flower nut, and the hibiscus family is in the top of my list. Can not hide it! So, my goal today is to help you understand that certain flowers are not only for decoration, they could also be in your salad and satiate you thirst with an invigorating, magically sensual brew.

Do I have your attention now

? Good! smile

The names: you know something, I think that you have probably enjoyed this flower already. The list that follows contains many vernacular names that refer to the very same subject of our post today.

Roselle or rozelle, sorrel, red sorrel, saril, Jamaica sorrel, Indian sorrel, sour-sour, Guinea sorrel, Queensland jelly plant, lemon bush, rosa de Jamaica, flor de Jamaica, Jamaica, quimbombó chino, Florida cranberry, oseille rouge, oseille de Guinée, sereni, agrio de Guinea, viña, viñuela, vinagreira, curudú azédo, quiabeiro azédo, zuring, carcadé, bisap, and hibiscus flowers—and there are more!

The nutritional and medicinal properties of the "saril" are widely known in many places of the world. It is most commonly consumed as an iced tea for the warm days, or as a hot tea during the cold months. In many countries of Latin America such as Mexico, Panama, Brazil and Guatemala, the infusion made with the calyxes of the exotic flower, dyes the water with an intense red color and is the most popular summer drink.

How to prepare it:

  • by Chef Melissa
  • December 24, 2008
  • 12:49 am



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