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Patagonia comes to Panama! edit

The images that usually spring to mind when someone says “Latin America” have to do with gorgeous beaches and rain forests, hot cities and spicy food, exotic fruits and sometimes the well kept secret quality rum. So if I started talking to you about wine and Panama,  you might think I’d had too much of the aforementioned rum. Not so…

On March 30, 2009, Wines of Argentina took over Panama City. Marina Beltrame, the director of the Argentinean School of Sommeliers, gave one of the most enlightening talks about wine pairing I have ever attended.

Marina is as famous as you can imagine, including starring her own show about wine at “El Gourmet” (http://www.elgourmet.com), but she is as down to earth and loving as you could dream. It was a delight to learn about service from her years of experience, it was enchanting and at the same time surprising how could we learn new things every day. She talked about “El Arte del Maridaje y el Servicio del Vino.” You might think that because I am a professional chef, this talk was not for me…wrong! In fact, I think that the chefs, restaurateurs, wine aficionados and other attendants, enjoyed this day the most.

Hugo Sabogal was there too! He is the master mind behind http://HugoSabogal.com Wine Media and Marketing and El Espectador , he manages in Latin America and the Caribbean, the marketing of “Wines of Argentina ,” which involves most of the wineries from Argentina.

  • by Chef Melissa
  • May 04, 2009
  • 3:00 pm



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