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La Receta del Dia: Flan de Coco y Chocolate edit

Read the -Got Cacao?- story at TastyDesign!

Today I will share with you one of my favorite desserts: Flan. But, I have to tell you this is not -just a flan-, this is THE FLAN, ladies and gentlemen: get your taste buds ready to experience this unforgettable and delicious beauty.

Flan is a traditional Latin American custard type of dessert, in every country you will find variations. In Panama we have the traditional one, the flan with cheese and the coconut flan. Didn`t find a coconut-chocolate flan, so...why not design one! Enjoy this recipe and bring a little of the tropics to your kitchen at the same time smile You won`t regret it.



3/4 cup white fine sugar

1 can condensed milk (397 g)

3 large eggs

1-1/2 cups evaporated milk

1-1/2 cups water

1 cup dry coconut

2 tablespoons cocoa powder


1. Pre-heat the oven to 350º F.

2. Make the caramel melting the sugar, medium heat, without stirring. Cover evenly the bottom of your baking dish.

3. Beat the eggs, chocolate, condensed milk, evaporated milk an water until well combined. Add coconut and stir well.

4. Carefully pour mixture evenly into the baking dish or individual ramekins.

5. Place the baking dish or individual ramekins on a larger baking pan and put in the oven. Once in the oven, add carefully hot water to the large baking pan until it reaches approx. 1 inch. This is called -Baño Maria-. Bake for 1 hour and 30 minutes if you are baking it in just 1 large dish, OR bake for 45 minutes approx. if you are using small ramekins. Remove from oven and let cool completely.

6. Store in the fridge and unmold (use a knife to separate the edges) just before serving them.


Chef M

P.S. Do not forget read the -Got Cacao?- story at TastyDesign!

  • by Chef Melissa
  • February 13, 2005
  • 2:26 pm

Nuestra Tradición: Flan Casero edit


  • 6 huevos grandes
  • 1 cucharadita de canela
  • 1/2 cucharadita de extracto de vainilla
  • 8 onzas de crema para batir
  • 1/2 taza de azúcar
  • 1 cucharadita de ralladura de cáscara de limón
  • 1/2 cucharadita de sal

Ingredientes para el Caramelo:

  • 1 taza de azúcar blanca
  • 2 cucharadas de agua


1. Para el caramelo: mezclar el agua y el azúcar en el fondo del molde y calentar en el horno a 350 grados F hasta que se caramelice, aprox. 20-30 minutos.
2. Para el flan: batir los huevos por 10 segundos y luego incorporar los demás ingredientes. Colocar esta mezcla en el molde con el caramelo.
Hornear a baño María en el horno a 350 grados F por una hora.
Dejar enfriar a temperatura ambiente y remover del molde.
Servir frío.

  • by Chef Melissa
  • May 20, 2009
  • 2:00 am



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