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What’s cooking in my kitchen? edit


There is a beautiful Thanksgiving poem waiting for you. Hope you like it!

I have always loved the writings by Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers. He has the distinction of being fired from every FM radio station in Tokyo - one of them three times! BUT, the best part is that he loves food. Do not miss his "Photographic trip to the grocery store", "Eating out in Tokyo for about $25 a day", "Japanese sandwiches are GO!", and two of my favorites articles: "So you want to be a sushi snob", and "The Future of Beef or 'Buddy Ever Eaten a Blowfish?". His new book "Schizophrenic in Japan: An American Ex-Pat's Guide to Japanese and American Society/Politics & Humor" is now on sale!

In the first photo I am showing off my new custom made plates I purchased in Ecuador. They follow the same technique used in Mexico to make "vidrio soplado", that are actually hand made, and hand painted glass pieces. Sin duda, a work of art. I prepared "Camarones al Ajillo", a traditional Panamanian dish that goes perfectly with steamed white rice.

Sea_1 Since we have access to wonderful seafood and fish..., I prepare them quite often. In the second photo, take a look at my "Mariscos a la Parrilla", or grilled seafood dish including shrimp, oysters, clams, corvina, salmon, and conch. As you can see, IF I have the pleasure to feed you,...you wont leave hungry!

Will be back with the recipes SOON!



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foto seafood pescado mariscos shrimp shrimps marisco fish panama cookingdiva recipe receta recipes
  • by Chef Melissa
  • November 23, 2005
  • 2:51 pm


Picture of vlb5757 vlb5757 said on...
11.23.05 at 06:12 PM |

Melissa, this stuff looks really nice.  Check out my post for today.  I certainly was shocked!!  Thanks from the bottom of my heart.  It was such a surprise and I can’t thank you enough. 

Picture of kelly kelly said on...
11.23.05 at 07:05 PM |

I can’t wait for the recipes.  I will surprise my mom with the camarones - her favorite.  I prefer my seafood a la parilla - less fattening - how boring, I know!  grin

Picture of Michelle Michelle said on...
11.23.05 at 07:53 PM |

Melissa, OMG - your new plates are GORGEOUS!  They’re definitely works of art!  And I’m already drooling in anticipation of those recipes…they sound delicious (and look pretty good on those plates too!)!

Picture of Elvira Elvira said on...
11.24.05 at 11:48 AM |

A beautiful tradition! grin

Picture of Cannella Cannella said on...
11.24.05 at 03:27 PM |

Melissa, este marisco es impresionante, dan ganas de comerse la pantalla del ordenador.

Picture of Melissa Melissa said on...
11.24.05 at 09:03 PM |

Ay Cannella, te prometo que la receta la publico manana smile Abrazos, y feliz dia de gracias!

Picture of Chairborne Stranger Chairborne Stranger said on...
11.25.05 at 05:09 AM |

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. This food looks great here!

Picture of Tanisha Tanisha said on...
11.25.05 at 10:49 AM |

CD- Although I don’t eat shrimp I must say your food looks fantastic. And I love the dishes. I may have to send money to get some—wink. I am patiently awaiting some more recipes and I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving with all of the trimmings


Picture of Melissa Melissa said on...
11.25.05 at 11:03 AM |

Tanisha, this sauce also is delicious served with fish, and grilles chicken! That’s is the beauty of it smile Will post it soon…

Picture of ayla ayla said on...
11.29.05 at 10:52 AM |

The Garlic Shrimp looks heavenly. Definitely plan to try.

I’m wondering how much difference it would make if the initial phase of cooking the garlic cloves in a shallow pan of water were changed to steaming them?  Just a thought.  I’ve recently started steaming a lot of things such as eggs to hard boil, potatoes after I’ve peeled and cubed and butternut squash that I don’t think I will go back to boiling if I can figure out a way to steam instead.

I’ll be watching your blog - got it in my favorites list. Thanks!

Picture of Melissa Melissa said on...
11.29.05 at 11:02 AM |

Ayla, thanks for your visit! I do not think it would change the taste of it. What could vary is the time. Maybe 5 mins. more or so. Let me know how does it go! Happy Holidays smile

Picture of Tableware Tableware said on...
09.03.09 at 08:04 AM |

Mouth-watering dishes…..and the dishes on the plates look great…Thanks Melissa for these awesome recipes.

Picture of Vadim Uvazhny Vadim Uvazhny said on...
09.07.09 at 08:21 PM |

I wish my oven could cook such things by itself… smile

Picture of Melianie .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said on...
07.23.10 at 09:00 PM |

good write thanks perfect

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