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Two (True) Panama Easter Stories edit

Panama Easter Story #1:

A friend was shopping and purchased two bottles of non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice at our local grocery. The checker said she couldn't allow her to buy it because it was Holy Week. My friend does not bear stupidity well. "Look, she said, it says non-alcoholic. What part of 'non' don't you understand?" She demanded to speak to the Manager. He agreed that it said "alcoholic" and whatever "non" meant was not important - it was Holy Week. That was the manager in one of Panama's finest groceries! My friend demanded to speak to the owner, whom she knows well. The manager turned a little pale around the ears and said, "Oh, sell it to her!" and stomped away.

Panama Easter Story #2:

I was standing on the balcony of our apartment on the 5th floor looking across the street at the refuse station which was, as usual, a bit untidy and swarming with pigeons. A young half-starved man, early 20s, a Kuna Indian, was feeding the pigeons bread. I was struck by the sweetness of this Easter scene: a starving young man, sharing his only food with the pigeons. Then with a quick motion, he grabbed two of them and stuffed them into his knapsack. End of story.

Please stay tuned, lots of delicious recipes and stories will be posted soon!


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  • by Chef Melissa
  • April 08, 2007
  • 10:05 am


Picture of Kalyn Kalyn said on...
04.08.07 at 10:41 AM |

Happy Easter Melissa!  Both these stories made me smile!

Picture of melissa melissa said on...
04.08.07 at 10:45 AM |

Kalyn, happy Easter to you too! Will send my contribution to the WHB soon smile

Picture of Don Ray Don Ray said on...
04.08.07 at 10:52 AM |

I think that the Kuna Indian needs to apply to the grocery store for the position of checker. On second thought maybe he is management material.

Picture of melissa melissa said on...
04.08.07 at 11:13 AM |

LOL! Good point Don…now you made me laugh wink

Picture of kelly kelly said on...
04.08.07 at 12:01 PM |

I totally didn’t see that storyline coming with the pigeons! grin

Picture of melissa melissa said on...
04.08.07 at 12:20 PM |

Kelly, I am still shocked about the incident…I was there early in the morning drinking my coffee—-then I saw the boy feeding the pigeons. I thought…this guy is so kind with those birds!!! Wrong. He just wanted to make a soup with them.

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