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Tropical Cooking Frenzy Report & “Nuts about Coconuts” edit

Dsc02922 It has been a very intense work-and-life week. As I always remind my mom "If I do not call you it's because I am cooking up a storm, ...unable to stop, visiting or sending text messages via cellphone. You are free to call, but if I do not answer you know what is going on: I am creating my next masterpiece! (Ha! I know, it sounds sooo obsolete! text messages?, well, yes...that is still very much used here in Panama, but to tell you the truth I would rather call, send an e-mail, AND...if I am really, really, really inspired, I'll pay you a visit and take over your kitchen!) How about that? It sounds like a threat, doesn't IT?

Using some of my mind-reading super powers (and by reading your e-mail requests...of course), I know you have been waiting for the latest event-update and at least ONE luscious recipe. You see what I mean??? Am I right or what? Anyhow, it is good to know that you miss our cooking adventures, AND no! I didn't bake myself. LOL. Well, just a little bit grin Due to my temporary absence, one of our readers inquired if I have baked myself into an "empanada." Although I WOULD rather prefer to be wrapped in a home-made delicacy and delicious puff pastry, I have to admit that the whole empanada idea is kind of sexy.

To kick UP the spice, this is what we have been cooking recently:

Come on, do not be shy...we KNOW you LOVE coconut! Get the scoop on how to handle it here:

A video on how to prepare Panamanian Coconut Candy with Banana:

If you are nuts about coconuts as much as we are, take a moment to learn about THE FACTS, and  enjoy some of my delectable creations: Coconut Meringue Pie, Cococnut-Chocolate Flan, Orange and Coconut Pudding, Pan de Coco ES (Coconut Bread), Keki de Coco y Miel ES (Coconut-Ginger Cookies), Cake de Zanahoria y Coco ES (Carrot-Coconut Cake), Delicia de Coco ES (Coconut Delight).

Dsc02906 Tomorrow I'll report on a fantastic TEAM BUILDING event that took place a few days ago for DELL Panama.

Now, ...back to the kitchen grin


Let's celebrate BlogDay2006! It is going to be a fantastic event, do not miss it. The deadline: August 31, 2006. To participate, read the guidelines HERE, and let's cook up something yummy for that special day...

Do not forget to Visit:

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  • by Chef Melissa
  • August 20, 2006
  • 6:17 pm


Picture of neil neil said on...
08.21.06 at 03:19 AM |

That coconut sure was in for a rough time! But it gave up its goodness for a worthy cause.

Picture of melissa_cookingdiva melissa_cookingdiva said on...
08.21.06 at 07:14 AM |

Oh yes Neil, poor little coconut—-BUT it was all worth it grin

Picture of Angelo Angelo said on...
08.21.06 at 11:44 AM |

Wow great blog….makes me hungry looking at all your pics smile

Picture of andreina andreina said on...
08.24.06 at 03:57 PM |

Todas las recetas se ven muy buenas, voy a probar la de coco y almendras y luego te cuento que tal quedaron!!!

Picture of Francine Francine said on...
08.28.06 at 03:03 AM |

Hi Melissa, thanks for dropping by Callaloo Soup smile I love your blog, I am drooling. smile I will bookmark you for sure. My husband loves to cook so I will share your link with him. Also thanks for the info on BlogDay, I’ll be sure to take part!

Picture of obachan obachan said on...
08.28.06 at 09:08 PM |

I love your videos so much. Thanks for sharing!

Picture of Heather Heather said on...
08.30.06 at 08:59 PM |

The videos are great even though en español.  I’ll have to brush up on my Spanish.  Cheers!

Picture of Randolph Maddox Randolph Maddox said on...
01.13.07 at 11:01 PM |

Love your site. I’m starting a best recipe section and plan on linking to your site many times. The cooking videos I added have been a great hit. Hope this brings you some new visitors. Randy

Picture of melissa melissa said on...
01.14.07 at 09:51 AM |

Thank you Randy! I am linking to your website right now…Feliz Año smile

Picture of Annette Lewis .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said on...
01.20.08 at 11:29 AM |

I love this website. Living in Nevada… I had no clue how to handle a coconut!
I would love to learn how to roast and carmelize chuncks of coconut?

Picture of Entera Entera said on...
09.30.09 at 08:38 PM |

Do you know of any ORGANIC producers of coconut milk and/or water in Panama?

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