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The Gilded Fork: “Rosca de Reyes Tropical al Cafe” edit

Roscagf_5 I have loved The Gilded Fork since it was Gastronomic Meditations! Now I am delighted to announce that I am officially part of the Gilded Fork's Test Kitchen Team!

It's a privilege to have the opportunity to work with Jennifer, Mark, Alder, Kelly, Eydie, and Monica.

This month's indulgent ingredients are Coffee and Chocolate, and my latest delicious recipe has been published: "Rosca de Reyes Tropical al Café" (Three Kings Tropical Bread with Coffee).

Rosca Rey de Reyes, or Rosca de los Reyes, is eaten in México, Puerto Rico, and Portugal on Twelfth Night (January 6th), celebrated in the Catholic religion as the day the Three Kings arrived in Bethlehem bearing gifts for Jesus of Nazareth. A tiny ceramic doll, coin, or bean may be hidden in the bread, and traditionally the person who finds it throws a party on Candlemass (February 2nd), or is in charge of preparing the “Rosca” for the following year.

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  • by Chef Melissa
  • January 05, 2006
  • 8:57 am


Picture of Vegan Momma Vegan Momma said on...
01.05.06 at 09:42 AM |

Congratulations! TheRosca Rey de Reyes Tropical al Café looks fabulous! grin

Picture of melissa_cookingdiva melissa_cookingdiva said on...
01.05.06 at 11:29 AM |

Thank you VeganMomma, it is really a delicious bread. Happy New Year! Hugs,

Picture of Elvira Elvira said on...
01.05.06 at 03:11 PM |

Interesting… I prefer your “bolo-rei” than the classical. It looks yummy!

Picture of Gerald Gerald said on...
01.05.06 at 10:23 PM |

Congrats on joining The Gilded Fork!!  Finding the baby in the bread reminds me of the New Orleans traditional king cake.


Picture of Tania Tania said on...
01.05.06 at 10:36 PM |

Wow ... Congratulations, Melissa!  What a wonderful way to start the new year!

Picture of melissa_cookingdiva melissa_cookingdiva said on...
01.05.06 at 10:43 PM |

ELVIRA: Although I love the traditional, ...this variation is really delicious. You could also infuse the fruit with Kahlua, that makes it even better smile

GERALD: Thank you for the link! It sounds like it´s the same bread, ...but they forgot the religious connotation I guess smile

TANIA: Thank you! Do not forget to vote for your favorite New Year’s party post…hurry smile

Picture of sailu sailu said on...
01.06.06 at 02:46 AM |

Wow,congratulations,Melissa!Great start into the NEW YEAR!Way to go..smile

Picture of sha sha said on...
01.06.06 at 07:31 AM |

here in Greece they have a bread called Basilopitta which is traditionally sliced on New years Eve with a coin (charm) inside
But some family still gather today and do slice their pita.
I had my share of luck in 1996 my slice had a silver coin and I took it to the shop to be done as pendant.

maybe I can test this recipe?? but where do I find the doll wink

congrats for The Gilded Fork

Picture of Jennifer Iannolo Jennifer Iannolo said on...
01.06.06 at 11:55 AM |

Melissa, we are so happy to have you with us in the Gilded Fork kitchen. I’m looking forward to the rest of your scrumptious creations! smile

Picture of Paz Paz said on...
01.09.06 at 01:45 PM |

Congratulations!  I’m going to make this recipe next year.  It will be a new tradition for me.  wink


Picture of mimi .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said on...
05.11.06 at 09:32 PM |

I want every week or month recipes from you.

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