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Smoked Ostrich Carpaccio + Etchart Cafayate Cabernet Sauvignon (2004) edit

Dsc03452_1 Simply delicious, what a find! I was greately surprised when I found the little deli during our last day in Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay, just a few hours before we took the ferry back to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Exploring every inch of the cozy place, like a child would do in a candy store, I was in total state of bliss. Then, almost when my basket was close to the top, filled with all kinds of local spices, herbs, locally-made alfajores and marmalades...there I found the shiny, elegant stand that impecably showed off the delicious delicacy. I suddenly was in "smoked ostrich heaven."

So now you know where I've gotten this precious meat.

I have heard there is an ostrich farm here in Panama, somewhere in the countryside. One of these days I'll visit them, BUT, in the meantime...I've plenty. ;D

Bouz_1 The basic recipe to prepare Ostrich Carpaccio could be found HERE. To add my personal touch I added some balsamic vinegar and served it with baby greens. If you are a Parmesan cheese lover like me, just add as much as you want.

From the Wine Tour - Discover New Wines:

Etchart Cafayate Cabernet Sauvignon (2004) - Etchart, Argentina

Here the traditional Calchaqui winery re-initiated by Pernod Ricard has reached an elevated mark in high-altitude Cabernet Sauvignon, a worthy legacy from Jose Luis Mounier for the house in which he worked for so long. With its overwhelming price-quality ratio, this great wine will help show the world that Argentina has other wonders besides Malbec and other optimal terroirs besides Cuyo. (Vineyards, Wineries & Wines of South America 2006 - 70 Top Wines)

Etchart Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the world's noblest of grapes. You will find this red wine to have an aristochratic character, with such an intense perfume, and an essence with overtones of raspberry and other wild berries. Enjoy with hard cheeses, grilled steaks, and in this opportunity: Smoked Ostrich Carpaccio with baby greens.

Have an extra-tasty week!



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  • by Chef Melissa
  • October 22, 2006
  • 2:35 pm


Picture of Grethel Valdés Grethel Valdés said on...
10.24.06 at 01:08 AM |

Hola desde Barcelona!
Gracias por tu visita en mi blog y por tus comentarios.
Tienes una web muy completa y muy bonita, se la pasaré mis amigos, sin duda les gustará.


Picture of Paz Paz said on...
10.25.06 at 05:46 PM |

Oh wow!  Ostrich?  Sounds very interesting!  Continue to have a good time!


Picture of Lera Lera said on...
10.27.06 at 09:33 PM |

Tropical bonanza for sure….smile melissa, Happy Halloween !

Picture of Alejandro Alejandro said on...
10.28.06 at 02:50 PM |

It sounds like it was a great trip. Great pictures.


Picture of chef nick .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said on...
11.03.06 at 09:06 PM |

Hi Mel great recipes love ya work !!!
I wonder if I could use the ostrich recipe with emu ??

From australia

Picture of Greta Greta said on...
11.11.06 at 12:31 PM |

I recently visited Saint Emilion, a small town that’s aaall about wine, about a half an hour from Bordeaux, France. I can totally relate!! You had very good reasons to have left us readers wondering what you were up to. I don’t really know that much about the stuff, but I know I like it!

Picture of cooking tour italy cooking tour italy said on...
11.12.06 at 09:25 AM |

Really love carpaccio (is it an italian words, isn’t it? ^^)

tell us if u’r planning to come in italy for a cooking tour!
(i really hate pizza! :D)

Picture of Dan Dan said on...
11.12.06 at 10:43 AM |


Do you remember the name/address of the place in Colonia? I have to check it out on my next visit!

Un beso!

Picture of Franka Philip Franka Philip said on...
11.14.06 at 05:28 AM |

Melissa, I buy ostrich a lot here and I am quite surprised that more people aren’t into it. It’s a low fat meat that takes flavours very, very well. I think carpaccio would be lovely. And yes, I am back! I did some changes - major ones - to the site and things are back running smoothly.

Picture of Jeanne Jeanne said on...
11.17.06 at 05:38 AM |

Glad you lked the ostrich carpaccio - it is quite a common item on menus in South Africa but I have never seen it on a European menu.  As Franka says, I am surprised it isn’t more popular as it is a low-fat alternative to red meat and very flavourful.  And you can get it at Borough Market in London!

Picture of Tam & Laura Tam & Laura said on...
11.19.06 at 07:30 AM |

Amazing!  Ostrich is among our 8 favorite carpaccios. smile

Picture of idou_picio idou_picio said on...
12.27.06 at 11:21 AM |

Hola, disculpa la intromisión abrupta y casi fuera de tema… Pero es que acaso tú tengas más posibilidades de saberlo… ¿cómo se hace el Glúckwine? Es una bebida caliente hecha de vino con otras especies, pero desconozco cuáles sean.

Saludos cordiales

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