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Of fritters, ceviche and a woman’s right to cook edit

Thank you Karina Arrue and The Green Magazine for featuring The Cooking Diva this month!

Food blogging is a thriving enterprise these days; with over 48,000 blogs in theu.s. dedicated solely to culinary pursuits, these palatable web diaries are changing the way we relate to food. From popular blogs like Chocolate and Zucchini to Gluten-free Girl and Smitten Kitchen, there is bound to be a self-proclaimed foodie on the net, armed with the recipe needed to satisfy your precise hankering—say for an artichoke and goat cheese mille-feuille—at any given moment.

Their growing number leads me to believe that a small culinary miracle occurred when I stumbled upon the Cooking Diva a couple of months ago. I was looking for a recipe for carimañolas, a yucca fritter made in my father’s homeland, when I first came across Chef Melissa De Leon’s charming blog, and I have been a regular visitor since. The 30-something Panama native drew me in with her knowledge of Latin American cuisine, which is a rarity on the Internet—especially in English—despite the food blog boom. While her perspective on cooking is exceedingly cosmopolitan, no doubt a product of many years of living and traveling abroad, her voice is refreshingly warm and lacking the pretension often found in elevated culinary circles.

Open the PDF file with the complete article...Download MarApr08_DailyBREAD.pdf

  • by Chef Melissa
  • April 03, 2008
  • 6:53 pm


Picture of Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said on...
04.04.08 at 07:30 AM |

Melissa, I couldn’t agree more! Your blog always teaches me something new and wonderful.

Picture of melissa melissa said on...
04.04.08 at 07:41 AM |

Oh Lydia, thank you for your kind words…a big hug from Panama…

Picture of Don Ray Don Ray said on...
04.04.08 at 08:03 AM |

Luckily, I don’t read all 48,000. I only read the best ones! smile

Picture of melissa melissa said on...
04.04.08 at 01:18 PM |

Hola Don Ray—- he he, 48,000 is a huge number—- I am positive the number will increase at the speed of the blog-light—-so we better get our blog feed readers ready. LOL!


Picture of Rida Rida said on...
04.05.08 at 04:01 PM |

hi, for finger lickin recipes & food filled fun check out my site http://www.freewebs.com/yummmyrecipes plz do sign the guest book. The site is under construction bt there are some good recipes & games availble plus u can post ur fav recipes too.

Picture of Jeremy Jeremy said on...
04.05.08 at 10:48 PM |

Still have to get an interview with you, oh yeah the sourdough I promised too! Never enough hours in the day! How was London? Or are you still there?

Keep on doing what your doing!

Picture of vincent mina vincent mina said on...
04.08.08 at 12:22 AM |

Melissa,Aloha from Irene and Vincent your friends from Westin Price!

Picture of melissa melissa said on...
04.08.08 at 11:26 AM |

Hola Jeremy!!! yes, the sourdough hehe… lets talk about that later =) London was great—-loved it! I am back home cooking up a storm LOL!~

Vincent! wow…such a great surprise, thank you for your visit! Was checking out your website on your conference in Oct! will do my best to join!!

A big hug to you all!

Picture of nicole nicole said on...
04.09.08 at 10:24 AM |

If you aren’t already aware of The Poor Chef, I just wanted to give you all a heads up. The Poor Chef is Charles Mattocks who is the nephew of Bob Marley. He has made movies and is the the host and creator of The Poor Chef. The show airs in several southeastern cities as a cooking segment. Rumour has it that the show is soon to be picked up by a major network and will soon be nationwide!

I am fortunate enough to watch his segment each week on my local NBC affiliate. He is a super good looking guy who brings regular people on his show to cook a meal for 2 for $7 or less! The meals are very creative and healthy and he does not discriminate with his guests. I have seen Indian, Italian, Caucasion and even a woman from Zimbabwe on his show cooking their ethnic meals.

All very easy to make and I have learned so much and have gotten such good recipes from the show. Check out his web site if you haven’t had a chance to see him yet at http://www.thepoorchef.com.

Picture of anamika anamika said on...
04.15.08 at 06:22 AM |

hey, a very interesting perspective..good thought melissa !

Picture of submit article to win cash prize submit article to win cash prize said on...
05.03.08 at 08:11 PM |

I am so glad there are people that will put this kind of stuff on the net. I love to eat but can’t do it very well

Picture of submit article to win cash prize submit article to win cash prize said on...
05.03.08 at 08:12 PM |

I am so glad there are people that will put this kind of stuff on the net. I love to eat but can’t do it very well

Picture of Kat Kat said on...
05.10.08 at 12:48 PM |

I agree, meeting your blog was more than an happy surprise.
Thanks for all, Melissa.

Picture of melissa melissa said on...
05.12.08 at 11:16 AM |

Thank you girls! I do enjoy lots reading your work/blogs too! Its a work of LOVE—- I can tell—-Have a beautiful week!

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