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New Year’s Dinner Recipe & Photo Swap: The Results!!! edit

06 This event has been great in so many ways, and I am glad we did it. It has been a fantastic way to portray the food traditions around the globe, to receive the New Year, and to learn a bit more about what our blogging friends do. They have opened the doors of their houses and lives through the computer monitor. Do not forget that. Many people talk about the "proliferation" of food blogs, yes it is true, but to tell you the truth I think it is fantastic because, as a friend pointed out a few days ago, there is not a better way to get interested in a culture than learning about their food.

We are planning on organizing similar events for other international holidays, and we will keep you posted about it with enough time for you to make plans and not miss the deadline to submit your entry. It is great to join the fun since the beginning, do not you think? Please e-mail me with your suggestions or post them here.

Now that  finally we have counted, and counted again a few times more, the winners have been found. The winners are:

new year dinner eve cooking cookingdiva chef melissa panama gourmet panamagourmet receta recetas recipe recipes food blog flog international foodies melissa de leon douglass

Please contact me regarding your prize!

1st. Place:

Post #7
La Zuccheriera, by Cannella
Location: Salamanca, Castilla y León, Spain

2nd. Place:

Post #2
Di TV e TV, by Graziella
Location: Venezia, Italy

3rd. Place:

Post #27
Tasca da Elvira, by Elvira
Location: Portugal

Congratulations also to the following top entries:

Post #5: Gluten-Free Girl, by Shauna
Post #12: Kayaksoup, by Linda
Post #32: Something in Season, by Brendon
Post #34: La Majuluta, by Marcela

We would like to give thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations to the winners!

If you didn't participate in this event and would like to include your New Year's Dinner post in The International Gallery, post in the comment's section the link, your name and your blog's name and we will add it asap.

Hugs & Happy New Year!!!

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  • by Chef Melissa
  • January 06, 2006
  • 9:49 am


Picture of Cannella Cannella said on...
01.06.06 at 12:00 PM |

Bueno, pues, me entero de que he ganado y no me lo creo, estás segura Chef Melissa de que no hay un error?
Más allá de “haber ganado”, muchísimo más importante para mí es el entusiasmo e el cariño con el que las personas han adherido a esta iniciativa: ¡esa es una satisfacción que no se paga con nada!
Y GRACIAS Melissa por tu IMPECABLE coordinación del evento: cuenta conmigo para lo que quieras.
Un beso con todo mi cariño, de verdad.

Picture of melissa_cookingdiva melissa_cookingdiva said on...
01.06.06 at 12:05 PM |

Monica, por mayoría de votos eres la ganadora absoluta del evento! Tienes muchos lectores, mas que nada italianos…y todos votaron por ti! Abrazos,

Picture of sailu sailu said on...
01.06.06 at 12:07 PM |

Congratulations to the winners of this fun event and to all who took time and effort to participate and share some great food traditions and pics.It was a great visual treat.

I agree with you, Melissa, that its thru the food that we learn a lot about different cultures and its all thru the amazing power of the ‘internet’.Incredible,isnt it?

Melissa,Alvira,Marcella and Cannella,thanks for making this a fun filled event and look forward to many more ...smile

Picture of ilva ilva said on...
01.06.06 at 01:16 PM |

Thanks for the link Melissa! Sorry I didn’t partcipate in the New Years Event but our dinner didn’t turn out well at all, good atmosphere but one bad ingredient destroyed the dinner per se! Next year!!

Picture of Elvira Elvira said on...
01.06.06 at 01:50 PM |

I can’t believe it! I am very happy and I would like to give my price (and my 3rd position) to the 4th, for example. It was a great food blogs event. We want more, dear Melissa!

Picture of Petit .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said on...
01.06.06 at 05:05 PM |

Happy New Year!  Looking forward to lots more posts:-)

Picture of Sylvie Sylvie said on...
01.07.06 at 12:26 PM |

Thank you all for hosting this international food extravaganza.  I look forward to more international events.

Picture of melissa_cookingdiva melissa_cookingdiva said on...
01.07.06 at 02:38 PM |

Sailu, Elvira, Petit & Sylvie: Thank you for participating and for sharing with us your lovely traditions and cooking secrets through your blog. We will keep you posted on future events. Hugs!

Picture of Ivonne Ivonne said on...
01.08.06 at 01:26 AM |

Fantastic job, Melissa!

Already I have so many recipes to try for 2006 ... now I have even more.

I love your blog ... keep up the great work!

Picture of Lushlife Lushlife said on...
01.09.06 at 03:30 AM |

What a great idea this was it was a pity I didn’t know of it earlier. If it’s not too late I did post about our New Years Eve dinner, and I haven’t updated since New Years Day I did not cook it all but I do have some good photographs and one great recipe.


Picture of Paz Paz said on...
01.09.06 at 01:55 PM |

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone!  This was a fun event.  I enjoyed looking at all the different foods and recipes. 

Thanks, Melissa, Cannella, Marcela, and Elvira for putting the event together.


Picture of kel @ Green Olive Tree kel @ Green Olive Tree said on...
01.09.06 at 05:33 PM |

Hola Melissa, que pena, I didn’t know about this until I read Rokh’s blog. I have a couple of write ups for the new year food adventures in Paris. Here’s the first one is about my new year’s eve Raclette dinner. Perhaps you could add to the International Gallery. Please see the posting at

Feliz Año Nuevo!

Picture of No soy Narda No soy Narda said on...
01.12.06 at 12:17 PM |

Feliz Año 2006 !!!!
Auguro gandes despliegues gourmets (y gourmandes) para este año. 
Gracias Melissa por tu comentario en mi nuevo blog.
Te mando un abrazo grande y…nos seguiremos leyendo!

Picture of bernard 6066 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said on...
02.05.06 at 08:29 AM |

De france j’airrive a comprendre quelques recettes mais comme le traduction n’est pas possible je passe a coté de l’essentiel.
Car moi aussi j’ai qq recettes personnelles pour en faire profiter.

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