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Madrid Fusion, Happy Birthday and a recipe to prepare “Turron de Pepita para fiestas!” edit

Mol This photo: Cashew Mole with Grilled Chicken and Balsamic Marinated Raimbow Peppers. The recipe will be featured this Sunday at The Gilded Fork. Stay Tuned!


My colleague Chef Elena is in Spain right now with three other Panamanian chefs, for the  world famous "Madrid Fusion" one week event, held in the beautiful city of Madrid. No doubt this is an incredible event. It will set the course for the emerging and extravagant cooking techniques, inspiring many and shocking many more. Head over to "El Amor por la Cocina"  blog to read her first report on this event.

1_9 Didn't I tell you that today is my birthday?  Hmmm, if not, now you know! To celebrate I will share with you a delicious recipe to prepare "Turron de Pepita para Fiestas" (Cashew Nougat.) It is very simple to prepare, and the most traditionally delicious and nutty dessert I have tried in a long time. My disclosure: this is NOT a low calorie dessert, because sometimes it is good to indulge oulrselves with desserts and food just the traditional way. This is a full taste, delicious creation that we are sharing with you in this special occasion. Hope you like it!

Will post tomorrow a photo of the birthday cake. I know, I know...I am supposed to be on a diet, BUT it doesn't really feels like a birthday without a birthday cake, right? I will probably bring out the "chocoholic" hidden carefuly in my heart smile

Now the recipe to prepare: Turrón de Pepita para Fiestas


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  • 11 oz cashew nuts
  • 4 oz melted butter
  • 6 oz light brown sugar
  • 4 oz raw honey, light corn syrup, or agave syrup (your choice)
  • ostia sheet (very thin wafer)


2_7 Caramelize the cashews and brown sugar in a hot cast iron pan or cooper pot, stirring constantly to ensure even coating.

3_5 Grease a cookie sheet with oil in spray and spread the nuts to cool. When completely cool, process in the food processor until the mixture becomes very fine, flour like.

4_4 Place the cashew flour in a bowl and mix in the melted butter and honey. Stir to combine.

5_3 Cover an 8-inch cake mold (or 3 small like I did) with plastic wrap. Cut the thin wafer to fit the bottom of the pan, then place it there. Place the cashew mixture in the prepared pan and distribute evenly with a spoon or pastry scrapper. Cover the nougat with another thin wafer round. Let rest in fridge overnight, then unmold and cut as desired. Serve immediately or store in the refrigerator up to 1 month.

It makes a very nice and delicious gift!

Serves 10-12.

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  • by Chef Melissa
  • January 20, 2006
  • 10:19 am


Picture of Meena Meena said on...
01.20.06 at 01:09 PM |

Happy B’day Melissa!! ope you have a great year!

You are absolutely right, sometimes, one just has to indulge oneself - especially if its one’s B’day!!

Take care! :o)

Picture of melissa_cookingdiva melissa_cookingdiva said on...
01.20.06 at 01:12 PM |

Thank you Meena, and congratulations for winning the best new Hindi blog award!!!!!!! Hugs,

Picture of María Eugenia María Eugenia said on...
01.20.06 at 01:29 PM |

Felicidades Melissa, espectacular el turrón!!! Un beso y que cumplas muuuuchos más!!!!

Picture of Linda Linda said on...
01.20.06 at 02:29 PM |

Happy Birthday!

Picture of kelly kelly said on...
01.20.06 at 02:48 PM |

Happy, Happy Birthday my friend!

Picture of Tania Tania said on...
01.20.06 at 03:12 PM |

Happy Birthday, dear Melissa!  My warmest wishes to you for a wonderful year, filled with happiness, good luck, and many good things to eat.  Today is also my father’s birthday, so it is a very special day, indeed!!
Big hug,

Picture of melissa_cookingdiva melissa_cookingdiva said on...
01.20.06 at 03:16 PM |

Gracias Maria Eugenia, Linda y Kelly!

Tania, what a coincidence that today is your father’s birthday too smile I send tropical happy birthday wishes for him——Hugs,

Picture of dogj dogj said on...
01.20.06 at 03:36 PM |

Hola hermanita, me alegro podr pasr otro año a tu lado y que sigas con esa pasion por la cocina… jeje, me conviene. Q cumplas muchos mas.

Picture of Michelle Michelle said on...
01.20.06 at 05:21 PM |

It is NOT your birthday, is it??  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  I wish I could transport myself over there to enjoy some of your fabulous-sounding nougat with you and celebrate!  Or at least be able to wish you it in person.  I hope it is a truly wonderful day and my dear, you are SO allowed to eat rich, full-flavored, full-calorie anything you want on your special day!  Many happy birthday hugs from chilly rainy Oregon.

Picture of johanna johanna said on...
01.20.06 at 05:37 PM |

feliz cumpleanos, melissa!! sabes que yo cumplo el 22 de enero? i haven’t even thought about my birthday cake and am not sure i deserve one right now… too much indulging over the holidays! but your mole looks mouthwatering and brings back good memories, the turron looks fantastic too!

Picture of Elena  Hernández Elena Hernández said on...
01.20.06 at 07:21 PM |

Melissa, desde Madrid (ya con las maletas empacadas para regresar, THANK GOD), te mando un abrazo fuerte y mil felicidades por tu cumpleaños. Mucha salud y bendiciones para ti.
Tengo 200 fotos que compartiremos cuando vuelva. Saludos, Elena

Picture of kjerringa mot strommen kjerringa mot strommen said on...
01.20.06 at 09:20 PM |

Felicidades, Melissa - ser chocolatera no es ningun crimen.  Disfruta!

Picture of melissa_cookingdiva melissa_cookingdiva said on...
01.20.06 at 09:53 PM |

DogJ: gracias Juancho…, cuando gustes pasas por acá para que te deleites con mis últimas creaciones!

Thank you Michelle, Johanna and Elena for your birthday wishes! The day is almost over, and I am a happy, one year older chef in Panama smile

Marianne: Thank you for your visit!!! I can’t believe it, Kelly’s mom came to my blog! Hugs from Panama smile

Picture of McAuliflower McAuliflower said on...
01.20.06 at 10:18 PM |

Happy Birthday tiddings!
I love the step of candy coating the cashews and grinding them up!  A wonderful way to build up flavor.

Picture of Nerissa Nerissa said on...
01.21.06 at 12:26 PM |

Happy Birthday, dearest Melissa *hugs* Many Happy Returns of the day. I guess that makes you an Aquarius! No wonder I like you. I really seem to like Aquarians. I hope you’ve had the best birthday ever (I’m writing this the day after so I have to write in past tense).

That nougat looks wonderful. I’ll probably have to learn to make it. My mother LOVES nut nougat but it’s almost impossible to find kinds with nuts or JUST nuts in my part of the world. It would be a nice surprise for her I think :D

The picture of the Mole looks GREAT!

Picture of Rorie Rorie said on...
01.21.06 at 01:50 PM |

Happy Birthday, Melissa! Save me a piece of that cake! Yum.

Picture of vlb5757 vlb5757 said on...
01.21.06 at 05:02 PM |

Happy Birthday!  I sure hope your birthday is as good as mine was.  Eat cake and forget WW just this one day.  Have a really special day!

Picture of Tu Cong Van Tu Cong Van said on...
01.22.06 at 05:32 AM |

free delivery to Viet Nam?

Picture of tankeduptaco tankeduptaco said on...
01.22.06 at 04:55 PM |

Sorry to be so late with my birthday wishes, the heat has kind of got to me. It was 42c(107f) here yesterday. Anyway Happy Birthday from Australia

Picture of melissa_cookingdiva melissa_cookingdiva said on...
01.23.06 at 09:31 AM |

Thank you to all of you for the nice thoughts and happy birthday wishes!

And yes VietnameseGod, we have free delivery to Vietnam smile

Have a wonderful week!

Picture of Poncho Poncho said on...
01.23.06 at 12:07 PM |

Felicidades un poco atrasadas!

Espero la hayas pasado bien.

Picture of melissa_cookingdiva melissa_cookingdiva said on...
01.23.06 at 06:58 PM |

Gracias a ti Poncho! Abrazos,

Picture of sha sha said on...
01.24.06 at 09:38 AM |

better late than never
Been fixing my links and i lost few of the links including yours…


Picture of Conchita .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said on...
04.08.06 at 10:29 AM |

Acabo de descubrir este blog y quisiera aprovechar la oportunidad para felicitarla, esta muy interesante, sobre todo descubrir recetas de otros paises. Me gustaria saber como puedo obtener la receta del “turron de pepita” y el pastel de almendra. ah y el final de la receta de pastel de coco con crema ya que la preparacion esta incompleta. Gracias, soy mexicana y vivo actualmente en Indonesia.

Espero haya pasado un lindo cumpleaños.


Picture of Chris Chris said on...
06.23.09 at 09:34 AM |

I’m thinking about making the Turrón de Pepita para Fiestas
for my brother birthday this weekend. Finally I found your recipe. Thanks for sharing.

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