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Global Voices & a Delicious Recipe to prepare “Almond Bread Pudding with Eggnog”, YUM! edit

4_2 Are you ready for another surprise? Well, I am pleased to announce, my dear readers and blogging friends, that I have been invited to write a weekly column about food blogs for Global Voices. Muchas gracias David!.  I have been so excited about this project, that I didn't take long to produce my first report: "Cooking up the World". We invite you to stay tuned and subscribe to receive the weekly round -up that will be published every Saturday at the Global Voices blog.

Talking about great recipes, the one we are sharing with you today is a winner! Looking for other ways (other than drinking it!) to use the left over eggnog from this past holiday season, I decided to prepare a festive bread pudding. The texture of the final product is so delicate and delicious because I used an extra homemade "rosca" bread with almonds that I had also prepared for the holidays and was hidden in the freezer just in case of an emergency!

So, let´s get cooking in the most creative ways to use all the left over holiday bounty that still is in your possession...

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2_3Almond Bread Pudding with Eggnog:


  • 20 oz, approx. 10 cups 1-2 days old bread with almonds
  • 6 oz golden raisins, approx. 1 cup
  • 6 eggs
  • 2 cups milk
  • 4 cups homemade eggnog (preferably made with dark Caribbean rum)
  • 1 tablespoon grated lemon or lime peel
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons vanilla extract
  • For the caramel: 8 oz, approx. 1 cup caster sugar
  • Garnish: ground cinnamon, and whipped cream (optional)

3_3 Directions:

  1. Infuse the golden raisins in 1 cup of tea, water, or dark rum, for 30 minutes to an hour.
  2. Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees  F for 10 minutes.
  3. To make the caramel: place the sugar in a 10" round pan and melt under the broiler, or on the stove top. Rotate the mold until all the sugar is melted and the sides of the pan are coated with the golden caramel. If you prefer, you could use a 10-12" x 5" tall savarin mold.
  4. Cut the bread in small cubes. Put the bread cubes in the bowl of your mixer with the milk and eggnog and mix together. Add the eggs and vanilla extract and mix to a uniform batter. Fold the raisins into the mixture and pour into the prepared mold.
  5. Place the mold into a water bath (baño María) and bake for 1 hour or until firm to the touch.
  6. Remove from the oven and from the water bath. Allow the cake to to cool in the tin for 30 minutes, then turn out and cool on a serving plate. Store in the refrigerator. Serve warm or cold.
  7. To serve: sprinkle with ground cinnamon and serve with whipped cream.

Serves 12-15



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  • by Chef Melissa
  • January 08, 2006
  • 4:15 pm


Picture of KELLY KELLY said on...
01.08.06 at 05:19 PM |

So cool Melissa!  I look forward to reading your posts there too!

Picture of Fran Fran said on...
01.08.06 at 07:15 PM |

Congratulations!  We will all be looking forward to reading your contributions.  I have a question about your wonderful looking dessert.  We don’t usually do egg nog.  Do you think I could successfully substitute a chai soymilk with the addition of some egg?  Your recipe just sounds so good I wish I could think of a way to use it.  Thanks.
Fran smile

Picture of melissa_cookingdiva melissa_cookingdiva said on...
01.08.06 at 07:23 PM |

Kelly: I know you are a GV fan! smile

Hi Fran, yes, you can substitute any kind of nut, soy milk, or other milk in this recipe. BUT, you will also have to add 1-1/2 cups caster sugar to the cake batter, before you add the eggs and grated lemon peel. Please let me know if you have other questions…


Picture of Kalyn Kalyn said on...
01.08.06 at 08:13 PM |

Wow.  Congrats on the weekly column.  We would love to have you participate in Weekend Herb Blogging.  I know you have a lot to teach us.

Picture of Fran Fran said on...
01.08.06 at 09:08 PM |

Thank you Melissa.  I will make a note of the changes.

Picture of lera lera said on...
01.08.06 at 09:33 PM |

Melissa, this one is an absolute keeper,thanks for presenting this wonderful dessert….and Congrats ,on the weekly coloumn smile


Picture of Kalyn Kalyn said on...
01.08.06 at 09:46 PM |

Melissa, I just saw the comment you left on Best of Blogs.  You are so sweet.  It’s a silly little award, but I feel so flattered.  I don’t even know how I got nominated, but I suspect my brother might have nominated me.  He’s so wonderful and supportive.

Picture of Vegan Momma Vegan Momma said on...
01.08.06 at 10:01 PM |

Congratulations! I will be checking out Global Voices. I love food blogs. grin

Picture of sailu sailu said on...
01.09.06 at 08:10 AM |

I did read the article..made a great read.Congratulations,Melissa.Its a great way to start the 2006!
Btw,that dessert looks yummy..smile

Picture of Ruth Ruth said on...
01.09.06 at 11:11 AM |

Yum, sounds sooooo good, I’m gaining weight just reading about it.

Congratulations on the column.  I’m already hooked.

Picture of brigitte brigitte said on...
01.09.06 at 11:13 AM |

Toutes mes félicitations Melissa, espero leer tus articulos muy pronto.
Je te souhaite une belle année pleine de joie, de rire et de belles recettes.
Te hablaré mas en frances para que practicas !!

Picture of Paz Paz said on...
01.09.06 at 02:08 PM |

First of all, congratulations on your new column.  I look forward to read it. 

Unfortunately, I threw away my eggnog.  Oh, man!  I wish I’d seen this recipe before I’d done so.  However it is good to know that I can use regular milk as you’ve stated to Fran, above with the changes.  I will make a note of this.

Thanks, Melissa for all your great recipes and help. 


Picture of Ivonne Ivonne said on...
01.09.06 at 09:30 PM |


Congratulations on your weely column! I will be sure to check in regularly to read it.

This bread pudding ... incredible! I love bread pudding ... yet another recipe I will havfe to try very soon.

Picture of Sapphos Sapphos said on...
01.10.06 at 05:58 PM |

Melissa, beautiful site, and everything looks sooooo delicious. I’ll be checking out your blog often now. Thanks for your comments on mine too!

Picture of melissa_cookingdiva melissa_cookingdiva said on...
01.10.06 at 06:03 PM |

Thank you girls for your kind words and comments! This new year is moving fast already…Hope you are having fun and cooking happy as ever. Hugs,

Picture of Nerissa Nerissa said on...
01.11.06 at 10:56 AM |

Holy smokes! What a great honor for you :D I look forward to reading your weekly column.  I’m afraid such an uncouth person as myself has not even heard of GV. I’ll have to check it out and sign up :D

Picture of Kelly_Cline Kelly_Cline said on...
01.11.06 at 12:21 PM |

Holy… this sounds fabulous.
Since I have alot of leftover bread cubes and an ample supply of dark rum on hand I am making this TONIGHT.
I can taste this already!
And congratz on the GV Column wooot for you!!!

Picture of vlb5757 vlb5757 said on...
01.11.06 at 08:34 PM |

Melissa, I think it’s fabulous that you are doing articles for the Gilded Fork.  Mark turned me on to their site and I try to read it as often as I can.  You have done a great job in educating us on different foods that we may or may not have available here in the states.  Keep up the great articles!

Are you coming to St Louis the the conference in August?  Oh, great article in the PC magazine too.  I sure was surprised to see your name in there.  It was a thrill to know that I knew that person!

Picture of melissa_cookingdiva melissa_cookingdiva said on...
01.12.06 at 11:12 AM |

NERISSA: GV is a really great source of info. from all over the world, and probably beyond! smile You are going to enjoy it.

KELLY: I would love to see a photo of your bread pudding looking all beautiful. I really love your work smile

VICKIE, glad you are back!  I am trying to fit the conference in my schedule. I think I will go thou smile I saw the article at the PC magazine too! Now, my olive roasted head of garlic thoughts have reached the USPCA!

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