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From the Tropics: Champagne Sorbet edit

Sor_b_2 Sorbet is the French name for sherbet, long popular as a cooling sweet made from fruit juice, liqueur or wine. Sorbets are so versatile, they can be served as a first course, between courses or as dessert. The champagne added before freezing creates an interestingly flavored sorbet. Use about 1 cup alcohol to 1 pound of fruit or two cups of fruit juice.

This sorbet is easy to make. When the sorbet comes out of the ice cream maker, it can be eaten immediately, although it will be very soft. For a firmer consistency, transfer it to a freezer container and freeze for two to three hours to allow the sorbet to harden. If you do not have an ice cream maker, you can freeze the mixture in a large metal pan, stirring occasionally as it begins to freeze. However, the texture will be fairly icy. If sorbet is too hard, it can be crushed and serve as a granita.


  • 1 pound fresh, ripe, unblemished apricots or mangos.
  • 1/2 cup sifted powdered sugar
  • 1 cup champagne


Peel apricots and cut into wedges. Place apricot wedges, sugar and champagne in blender or food processor; blend until pureed. Freeze in ice cream maker according to manufacturer’s directions, OR for 3 hours, stirring 3 times during freezing. A well made sorbet will have soft, smooth consistency. Serve immediately and Enjoy! Yields 4 servings


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  • by Chef Melissa
  • March 01, 2007
  • 9:01 am


Picture of Don Ray Don Ray said on...
03.01.07 at 08:25 PM |

Yum! That sure looks good on a hot day like today.

Picture of J.Ho J.Ho said on...
03.02.07 at 05:11 PM |

Oh my Lord!  I’m running out tomorrow to get an ice cream maker just for this!  I love mangoes too and I have a bunch here at the house that are almost ripe!

Picture of Lianka Lengua Lianka Lengua said on...
03.03.07 at 12:45 AM |

Hola interesante trabajo el que haces, me dispongo a hacer un proyecto radial de gastronomia en el cual voy a hablar de chefs internacionales, especificamente latinoamericanos y su trabajo. Como el tuyo me encanto (me dedico a la pasteleria ), te pido permiso para hablar de ti si mi proyecto es aceptado en la radio. Desde Caracas- Venezuela te escribe una nueva admiradora. Gracias de antemano

Picture of melissa melissa said on...
03.03.07 at 08:59 AM |

Hola J.Ho, yes, yes…get an ice cream maker! You’ll have lots of fun smile

Don Ray: definitely! these hot days ask for a recipe like this smile

Lianka, gracias por la visita! Con mucho gusto. Un abrazo,

Picture of ANDREINA ANDREINA said on...
03.03.07 at 03:43 PM |

Meli, soy fanatica de los helados y este se ve….sencillamente sensacional!!!!

Picture of Zulmy Zulmy said on...
03.10.07 at 12:20 PM |

Uaoooo…. voy a hacerlo para seducir a mi esposo, quien es fanático de los helados!

Picture of melissa melissa said on...
03.10.07 at 04:22 PM |

Andreina & Zulmy…les prometo que les va a encantar! Luego me reportan como les fue smile Un abrazo,

Picture of Cate O'Malley Cate O'Malley said on...
03.15.07 at 08:47 PM |

Just the phrase “champagne sorbet” sounds divine.

Picture of melissa melissa said on...
03.16.07 at 01:54 PM |

Thank you Cate! I agree with you, the name is as delicious as the product itself smile

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