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Cooking on Camera:  The Alligator Pear - Emerald Cocktail edit

The avocado is a versatile performer that can take center stage or play a supporting role as a flavorful accent. The unique flavor and mouth watering creaminess marry well with ingredients from mild to wild, as well it is quite enjoyable when crafting natural skin products in your own kitchen!
On June 3rd Chef Melissa was the guest Chef at Telemetro’s Tu Mañana Show. Since avocados are in season, it was a great opportunity to showcase this delicious food.

The avocado is colloquially known as the Alligator Pear, reflecting its shape and the gator skin like appearance of its skin. Avocado is derived from the Aztec work “ahuacalt”. While avocados are now grown in most tropical and subtropical countries, the major commercial producers include the United States (Florida and California), Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Colombia.


  • 1 avocado (aguacate), ripe
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 4 oz. whole milk
  • 4 tablespoons vanilla ice cream
  • a pinch of cinnamon (optional)


Remove skin and seeds from avocados, chop roughly. Blend the avocados, honey, milk and ice cream in a blender for 15 seconds or until becomes smooth. Serve in tall glasses with ice and dust cinnamon on top.


  • 1 aguacate maduro
  • 2 cucharadas de miel de abejas
  • 4 onzas de leche
  • 4 cucharadas de helado de vainilla
  • 1 pizca de canela


Remover la pulpa del aguacate y colocarla en la licuadora junto con la miel de abejas, leche, helado y licuar por 15 segundos. Servir en vasos altos con hielo y una pizca de canela.

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  • by Chef Melissa
  • June 08, 2009
  • 12:00 pm


Picture of taloollah taloollah said on...
06.08.09 at 06:16 PM |

you know what i love about them is that they are fruits that just is so crazy. i love it when you pair it with something spicy and it mellows the spicy like in sushi.

Picture of taloollah taloollah said on...
06.08.09 at 06:19 PM |

you know what i find so funny is that they are fruits that just blows my mind. i love that you can pair it with something spicy just like they so with sushi because it mellows it down.

Picture of Paz Paz said on...
06.10.09 at 01:36 AM |

Congrats on your television appearance.  You look so pretty. 

Love the sound of the drink recipe.  Yum!


Picture of ruth ruth said on...
06.26.09 at 12:13 AM |

I have never heard it called the alligator pear before. I guess you learn something new everyday.

Picture of Cat Sneezing Cat Sneezing said on...
07.18.09 at 06:44 PM |

your look so pretty ! i like your orange cloth too !

I`am never hear about Alligator pear. but looks like it`s delicious.

Picture of Catherine .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said on...
07.23.09 at 02:02 PM |

Wow! This looks interesting… Can’t lie, I’ve always been scared of using avocados in a dessert or as something sweet, but this looks appealing!

Picture of Melly Melly said on...
08.07.09 at 04:09 PM |

Alligator Pear…like it, and I’m using it.  It will confuse people, but that is not a bad thing!

Lovely blog.

Picture of Ares Vista Ares Vista said on...
08.10.09 at 02:15 PM |

Hmmm…Not sure about this one, but the sexy chef has influenced me to try it!

Picture of Linda Starr Linda Starr said on...
08.21.09 at 03:54 PM |

Oh I love avocados, not sure I am brake enough to drink it though. Have you ever used jelly palm fruit in recipes; I have some which are ripe now and don’t want to mess with making jelly?

Picture of ashleymichaelson38 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said on...
08.27.09 at 04:06 PM |

Hmm, I’m not sure if I would like this or not. I know my husband would!

Picture of oes tsetnoc oes tsetnoc said on...
10.01.09 at 02:52 AM |

yeah, i really love avocado, there’s a lot of fruits here.we used to blend it with ice and milk.very nice.

Picture of amy .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said on...
10.19.09 at 07:31 PM |

I do not know if i would like it but i am willing to give anything a try.

Picture of H.Gray H.Gray said on...
11.13.09 at 04:27 PM |

I do love fruits particularly the ever sweetened Avocado! smile It gives us renewed energy because of it’s vitamin content. I wrote a custom essay about fruits that have lots of benefits in our body! smile

Picture of Jake Jake said on...
11.13.09 at 09:12 PM |

Alligator pear? Interesting!

Picture of rahul .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said on...
12.03.09 at 02:57 PM |

Very good recipe about avocado cocktail.

Picture of Shun Ken Shun Ken said on...
12.03.09 at 09:08 PM |

Thanks for the recipe Melissa I will try this weekend after I pick up some vanilla ice cream.

Picture of Donald Donald said on...
12.08.09 at 05:55 PM |

Wow!  I hadn’t thought avocados could be a desert item.  I have enjoyed them as a chip dip for years.  Also as a condiment for various Mexican dishes popular in American tex-mex style dishes.  I may have to try this recipe out soon.  Might make an interesting addition to the holidays, especially Christmas.  Avocados have a high degree of nutrients including Vitamin B, E and K.  A sweet with this backing might even be a way to get kids to eat somewhat healthy.  I look forward to experimenting with this recipe and maybe make a few of my own.


Donald at hemroids treatment

Picture of Joey Joey said on...
01.09.10 at 11:20 PM |

Hey Melissa,

First off I just want to say that your blog layout is fantastic!  I have been marketing online for a long time and have to tell you that this blog is very unique and original.  Secondly, I have been reviewing your recipes and you really bring some authenticity to the table.  I’m getting hungry just looking at this blog, I don’t think I’ll return unless I eat beforehand, haha.  Thanks for sharing all your ideas.

Picture of Regina @ Margarita Bloom Regina @ Margarita Bloom said on...
01.14.10 at 04:54 AM |

Whoo, great website! I LOVE the orange! Mmmm, avocados! Yummy! I just might have to try that recipe! smile

Picture of Debbie@smokersandbbqgrills.com .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said on...
03.28.10 at 12:51 AM |

Never thought of using avocado in a drink like this. Wonder what it would taste like if the avocado was lightly smoked? Might add an interesting twist.

Thanks for a great recipe!

Picture of Alex .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said on...
04.29.10 at 05:58 AM |

I totally admire your blog! I think your posts are very interesting and helpful and inspiring for me1 Thanks for posting this entry!

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