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Video From the Tropics: Behind the Black Eyed Peas & Authentic Hot Pepper Relish edit

Life Made Simple in Panama, show #7, hosted by Aimee Arnold & Chef Melissa De Leon.

This time we show how to prepare black eyed peas Panamanian style: with smoked pig's tail and freshly made hot pepper relish. Simply delicious!

In history, black eyed peas originated from when the slave were brought over from Africa. Now many people celebrate New Years Day with Black Eyed peas to honor the slaves who fought for freedom. Today many people continue to celebrate this tradition by preparing Black eyed peas for good luck, good fortune and or good change, not only for New Years day, because it is a well loved comfort meal, very economical and easy to prepare.

Chef Melissa

Behind the Black Eyed Peas & Authentic Hot Pepper Relish Recipe from Melissa De Leon on Vimeo.

  • by Chef Melissa
  • March 18, 2008
  • 9:02 pm

Video From the Tropics: Chocolate Snowballs with Almonds (en/es) edit

We love the land and the many gifts Mother and Father nature share with us, specially in the Tropics. After traveling the world and experiencing the wonders and learning one step at the time, we feel proud for always coming back to our country Panama to share the bounty. Just share what you know and love, after that...everything will make total sense. It maybe is your purpose in life or just a hobby, but just do it and you will feel reinvented and well loved.

It feels fantastic to me, but...how about you, how do you feel when you share your love?

Oh! Regarding the video, it is show #6, cooking segment of "Living Made Simple in Panama." It has been really exciting to work with Aimee Arnold de Lindo. Now you will be able to learn how to prepare "Chocolate Snowball Cookies with Almonds." Let us know how do you like them!

There will be many good things to come, we will keep you posted. Its a promise!

Have a fantastic and extra tasty rest of the week!


  • by Chef Melissa
  • February 06, 2008
  • 1:28 pm

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