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Panama: Mother’s Day Message & 1 Delicious Recipe! edit

R_1 Today is Mother's day in Panama. It seems to me that not even in a day like this I can stop talking about food. Maybe that's good, because it will give me the opportunity to tell you a little story. Here I go:

Many, many years ago, when in Panama City you could purchase a delicious  "shaved ice" for five cents or less, there was a beautiful woman with a bright smile and big eyes full of life. She was quite young and madly in love. One day, she woke up to find her heart all covered with "chocolate dipped red rose petals". She was "expecting."

She was so happy, but somehow the chocolate melted and disappeared along with her lover. Then, all by herself, she" baked the bun." Eventually the lover came back and they baked together more bread; everyone knows that. But, the first one was especially difficult: she was all by herself, the oven was new and came with no instructions.

That was the story of my mother, the "accidental baker." I am really grateful she baked that first bun to the end! I am also grateful she let me snack on her roses and didn't tell my great grandmother that I was eating hers too smile

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  • by Chef Melissa
  • December 08, 2005
  • 9:00 am

Cocinemos como el Chef: Clase de Sushi del Chef Rafael Matsufuji edit

Un HOLA! afectuoso a todos mis lectores, aqui les reporto mi ultima aventura culinaria en Panama. Ayer tome una deliciosa clase de cocina Japonesa por el Chef Rafael Matsufuji, del Restaurante Matsuei, como parte de la oferta Culinaria ofrecida por Guadalupe Ramirez en "Cocinemos como el Chef".

El Chef Matsufuji, demostrando toda su destreza culinaria y carisma, compartio con los asistentes recetas y las tecnicas para preparar Furai Roll,California Roll, Spicy Tuna, Sushi Mixto...entre otros.

Realmente nos divertimos mucho, al mismo tiempo que aprendimos a elaborar paso por paso cada uno de los platos, al igual que a decorarlos con vegetales tallados.

Para mas informacion sobre los programas y clases de cocina ofrecidos por Guadalupe Ramirez en "Cocinemos como el Chef", los invito a visitar su website!

A continuacion comparto con Uds., algunas fotos de la clase.


Chef Melissa


El Chef Matsufuji demostrando la tecnica para preparar rollos.



Sin duda alguna, deliciosos y muy atractivos!

  • by Chef Melissa
  • July 07, 2005
  • 11:03 am

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